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Our Services

  • Roof Design & Consulting Services

  • Roof After the fact Inspection

  • TAS-105 (Fastener Withdrawal)

  • TAS-106 (Tile Uplift)

  • TAS-126 (Moisture Survey)

  • Enhanced Fasteners Calculation

  • Roof Drainage Design

  • Wind Pressure Calculation

  • Skylight Calculation


​For more information about Roofing Services please contact us at 754-307-3391 or email us at

  • Stormwater Management

  • Site Grading & Pavement Design

  • Single Family Home Civil Plan 

  • Septic System & Well Water Design

  • 5-yr License Drainage Inspection

For more information about Civil Engineering services please contact us at
561-213-8254 or email us at

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