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Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.

Lank Engineering has evaluated thousands of commercial and residential roof systems in South Florida with a focus in a variety of industries from private homes to large governmental and private industry. Our Roof Consultant Engineering division is a Miami-Dade Certified testing laboratory. Lank Engineering has an expert team of engineers and consultants that provides our clients with the testing and engineering necessary for permits, code compliance, and approvals for roof systems and products. Lank Engineering provides the following services, but not limited to: 

  • Roof Design & Consulting Services

  • Roof after the fact Inspection

  • TAS-105 (Fastener Withdrawal)

  • TAS-106 (Tile Uplift)

  •  TAS-126 (Moisture Survey)

  • Enhanced Fasteners Calculation

  • Roof Drainage Design

  • Wind pressure Calculation

  • Skylight Calculation

  • Tin Tag Spacing

  • Tile/Shingle In Progress

  • Tile Uplift Tests (TAS-106)

  • Roofing Mitigation Verification Affidavits

  • Roof-to-wall connection Inspections

  • Roof Process Repair

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